5 Easy Ways to Make a Memorable and Fun Spring with Your Family

Multi Generation Family Cooking
Multi Generation Family Cooking

Get your kids involved in some family fun this spring to make memories and take advantage of the weather. John’s Air Conditioning & Heating has put together some simple, affordable ideas that are sure to get you spending quality time at home. Even though our focus is AC repair service in Valrico, FL, we value our family time and know how important it is. See what fun these ideas will bring your family!

  1. Plan a park day. Find a park or scenic you haven’t visited in awhile. Maybe there’s even someplace that’s always been on your radar but you haven’t planned out a trip. Involve the kids in planning the snacks and picnic foods for the trip. Pasta salads, sandwiches, fruit, and water bottles pack well. Don’t forget a ball to throw around!
  2. Create a refreshing look in your family room. Get your family relaxed and excited for spring by a bit of strategic rearranging and adding color. Make sure the living room is actually set up for living – that means relaxation, playing games, watching movies, and spending time talking together. Spring is the time to try some furniture rearrangements as well as clear out any of the toys the kids have outgrown. Take out heavy drapes and throw blankets in favor of crisp white cotton curtains and colorful accent pillows. Everyone will enjoy the room more when you add fresh color and more functionality.
  3. Don’t sacrifice day to day comfort. If you need AC repair service in Valrico, FL, don’t put it off. Every day your family relies on that thermostat to keep you comfortable. If you notice your AC isn’t performing like it used to, you should get it looked at for a repair. Waiting usually ends up costing more money as larger parts wear out. Catch small fixes early with seasonal maintenance to avoid this issue. Remember, kids and your spouse will be in their best moods when they are cool and comfortable. Everyone wants to know they can rush inside the house to escape the heat.
  4. Make your front door a welcoming entrance. Take a good look at your front door mat. Is it weathered, sun-bleached, and lacking in attractiveness? Send a welcoming message not only to guests and neighbors, but to the people most important to you when they walk to the door. Update the front mat with something durable. Add a bright entry mat inside to give a pop of color and also help catch dirt tracked in from outside. Pick something washable to make the cleaning even easier.
  5. Plan a game night. Have the kids help pick out a couple of board games or find a new one at the store. After dinner, spend time together playing and relaxing. Shared experiences like these are what keeps a family close.

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