6 Ways Your Compressor May Be Damaged

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The compressor is a crucial part of the AC unit. It pumps the coolant through the system and ensures that temperature in a warm room is brought down. Any malfunction of the compressor should be immediately checked out by an expert at air conditioning repair in Brandon, FL. Some of the ways in which a compressor might be damaged are given below.

Coolant Problems

If the coolant in the AC unit is leaking, then the compressor will have to push itself hard to circulate the refrigerant through the system to maintain sufficient cooling. This increases strain on the compressor and it will eventually stop working.

Electrical Glitches

If the electrical wiring that runs through the AC unit is damaged, the compressor may be burnt due to excessive current. Electrical problems will also result in the formation of certain acids within the compressor which will eat through the component. In such situations, contact an HVAC technician offering air conditioning repair Brandon FL.

To avoid this, regularly inspect the unit and make sure that the wiring is kept in a proper order.

Clutch Issues

The clutch is the part that allows the compressor to turn on and off when required. If the clutch is damaged in any way, the compressor will always be running, which will cause it to break down. Alternatively, a faulty clutch may also prevent the compressor from starting.

There is a possibility that the issue may be remedied by replacing the clutch. But at most times, the compressor itself will have to be replaced.

Increase Of Pollutants

Various kinds of pollutants can affect your compressor’s performance. These include dirt, leaves, soot, debris, etc. All such pollutants, over time, will accumulate in the compressor and reduce its efficiency.

As such, the compressor will have to work more to do its job. This will cause it to heat up and burn out. This can be avoided if you check the instructions provided by the manufacturer and clean the compressor regularly as per given recommendations.


Maintaining a proper level of lubrication within the system is key to ensuring that the air conditioner works smoothly. If the lubricant is at low levels, then the compressor will not operate smoothly.

Hire an experienced technician to check your AC unit regularly; they will maintain the lubricant levels and avoid such issues from ever occurring.

Insulation Problems

Is your unit exposed to sunlight? If so, there will be a risk that some of its components, including the compressor, may become damaged. When exposed to the sun for extended periods of time, the air conditioner will lose its insulation, resulting in increased pressure on the compressor. So, remember to shield the AC unit from sunlight.

For solving any compressor-related problems your AC is facing, you should call in an experienced HVAC technician like John’s Air Conditioning & Heating Inc. Our years of experience in providing air conditioning repair Brandon FL will help get your AC unit up and running in no time. Give us a call on 813-689-2722 or contact us online.