AC Repair Service Brandon FL

No matter how much maintenance your AC gets, it is bound to fail at some point. Malfunctions are inevitable as long as the equipment is operational. For this reason, whenever your AC breaks down, be sure to contact a licensed HVAC contractor to conduct troubleshooting and repairs. John’s Air Conditioning & Heating Service LLC offers quality repair services including installation and maintenance work. For quick AC Repair Service Brandon FL, John’s comes in with over 35 years of experience in air conditioning and heating furnaces.

Air Conditioning Problems

As a homeowner, it is quite easy to note when your AC is not working as usual. Early indicators of faults include noisy operation, low refrigerant level, poor air conditioning and increased energy bills in the long run. At this point you may consider to replace the air filter and see if there are changes. If you do not have the technical know-how, it is better to contact John’s Air Conditioning & Heating Service LLC for expert troubleshooting and solutions. Some of the major problems that may need professional assistance include frozen coil, faulty thermostat, malfunctioned blower or fan, refrigerant leaks and electrical issues.

AC Repair Service

Keeping your AC working at optimum level ensures higher efficiency and improved indoor air quality. It also extends AC life as well as keep monthly utility bills down. On that count, a repair expert will refill the refrigerant if it’s low, tighten loose electrical connections, replace clogged air filter and lines as well as reset or replace a faulty thermostat. Freezing coil problem will definitely go away with these solutions. While repairs are expensive, be sure to weigh in on the age of your AC against its efficiency and the cost of replacing the AC unit. John’s recommends that you replace your AC unit after 10 years or when the cost of the repair is half the amount of installing a new air conditioning unit. For all your cooling and heating needs, call John’s Air Conditioning & Heating Service LLC and schedule an appointment today.