How To Choose The Best Air Conditioner Repair Service For Your Needs

Air conditioners are a basic necessity in every home. Air conditioning units are excellent equipment that is built to last for quite a long time. They will still, however, require regular repairs. This is why air conditioning repair Valrico FL is so important!. Choosing the right company for installation: The first step is Installation. When clients come … Read more

How Poor Indoor Air Quality Affects Your Family’s Health

Unless your profession requires you to be outdoors, you spend a majority of your time indoors, right? Regardless of whether it’s at work, or in the comfort of your own home. With all the talks going around regarding environmental warming and air pollution, not enough is being said or done regarding the indoor air quality. … Read more

Lock the humidity and heat out of your home with our expert repair work

Family movie night It’s time to relax. You’ve got movie night at home all set up and just clicked play. Everyone is cuddled up on the couch under a blanket together. This is the perfect setting for a relaxing evening, but just as the previews start, it’s already feeling stuffy. “It’s too hot like this, … Read more

Explaining heat pumps: their popularity and uses for a Florida Home

Almost three decades as a member of the Tampa community have made a name for John’s Air Conditioning & Heating as a local provider of quality repair and installation services. In this blog post, we’ll cover the popular option of heat pump installation in New Tampa, FL. How can a heat pump help you efficiently … Read more

How to say goodbye to allergies with preventative air duct maintenance

I don’t want to go to school today, mom.” “Oh, honey, you know you need to go. Why? Aren’t you feeling well?” “My head hurts, I don’t feel good”. Seasonal allergies have a big impact on our kids. When your son or daughter is having headaches and sinus congestion from pollen in the air, it … Read more