Choosing Your Next Furnace: What You Need To Know?

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Before purchasing and installing any type of furnace, it is a good idea to consult a licensed technician. An expert can look at the location where the furnace will operate and offer advice to help you determine the best size and type of furnace for your particular needs, as well as advise you on how to get the most for your money. John’s Air Conditioning & Heating is a company with many years of experience in heating and cooling systems, and our highly qualified staff are ready to assist you with any aspect of furnace installation in Brandon FL, as well as with maintenance and repairs.

Electric furnaces

Electric furnaces are generally the least expensive type of furnace to purchase and install, and are often a good choice for areas where there is not extreme cold. These furnaces do not require storage tanks, fuel pipes or customized ventilation. They can take up relatively little space, and are easy to maintain. Electrical furnaces can also be expected to last for up to 20 years or even longer. A drawback with going electric is that they can be more expensive to operate, and can cost considerably more than other types of furnace if used in places with harsh winters.

Gas furnaces

Gas furnaces can cost more to install than electric ones, and if there are no pre-existing gas lines into the building, installation costs will include installing these as well. But when set up, gas furnaces can be an inexpensive heating option, and a viable choice for homes situated in colder areas. Another advantage to gas is efficiency – a freezing cold home can be heated up very quickly with a gas heater. Natural gas furnaces can also be converted to use propane, and converting can be done cheaply.

Oil furnaces

Oil furnaces are generally speaking more expensive to install. Also, with the price of oil not being as low as it once was, fuel prices are an important issue to consider. Oil furnaces require storage tanks, which can be an advantage, particularly if your furnace has a large tank. This gives you the option of buying fuel in larger quantities (bringing down the price), and also eliminating a running monthly expense. Buy in bulk and be set for a long period of time.

Greener heating options

Alternative, ‘greener’ fuels are also an option, and these include solar panels, wind turbines and geothermal heating. Generally speaking, heating a home with the available greener options of today will require a higher investment. This investment may or may not pay off over time, depending on whether your home is practically situated, e.g. with a lot of direct sunlight or in an area where geothermal is an option. Some greener options can also qualify for a considerable tax credit.

Our company

John’s Air Conditioning & Heating is solid company with many years of experience, specializing in heating systems, cooling systems and indoor air quality. We are customer-oriented, guaranteeing the most optimal solutions for maximum efficiency and comfort. Feel free to contact us regarding furnace installation in Brandon FL, either via our Website, or by calling us at 813 – 689 – 2722.