Explaining heat pumps: their popularity and uses for a Florida Home

Woman Dropping Coins Into Glass Jar
Woman Dropping Coins Into Glass Jar

Almost three decades as a member of the Tampa community have made a name for John’s Air Conditioning & Heating as a local provider of quality repair and installation services. In this blog post, we’ll cover the popular option of heat pump installation in New Tampa, FL. How can a heat pump help you efficiently cool your home? What types are available? What are some of their advantages and are they right for me? We’ll cover these questions, so read on to learn the answers.

An option for our climate

Heat pumps are popular in the South and Florida where we experience hot summers and mild winters. For most of the year, we use heat pumps for quickly moving hot air out of the house to the outside. Also, though we don’t have a very cool winter here in Tampa, air pumps make the times we need heating more efficient than any other option because they speed the delivery of warm air into the home.

Types of heat pumps on the market today: air-source and geothermal pumps

The two types of air pumps you should know about are air-source pumps and geothermal pumps.
An air-source pump is one of the most common models today. These warm and cool air using electricity instead of burning fossil fuels or natural gasses. They are highly efficient and have the US Department of Energy seal of approval for delivering almost twice the amount of energy in heat as the amount they consume.

Geothermal pumps also distribute cool or warm air through the home using electricity. Instead of using the surrounding air, these pumps take heat from the ground. On a cool night, geothermal pumps quickly pull warmth from the ground to cool the home.

What are some of the advantages to heat pumps?

You’ll experience less dry skin and more moisture when you use a heat pump instead of a furnace because they don’t change the humidity in the air as much as other heating options. Heating is odorless and quieter to operate with heat pumps as compared to furnaces.

Is a heat pump right for me?

If you live in Florida, heat pumps are a great option. They aren’t suited to climates with harsh and extremely cold winters because they can have trouble operating efficiently or even experience damage from the rough conditions. Heat pumps are an investment in initial installment costs of course, too. They save money in the long run, though, making them worth it if you live in the right climate for them.

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