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John’s Air Conditioning and Heating Services are the only choice in heating and cooling in the Florida and surrounding areas. We have developed and earned a reputation over our 35 years in the trade and it is one that we are proud of and work hard to maintain. We know what our customers need, what they want and we strive to give our customers what they deserve at every opportunity.

Why Choose Us

John’s Air Conditioning And Heating Services are experienced in the trade and the best option for any customer who has a problem with their heating or cooling system or are in search of a completely new system to be installed. Our expertise and knowledge have been developed and acquired over our 35 years in the trade and we are more than happy to share what we have learned with you and assist you in making the right choices for your situation. You, as the customer, can always expect tobe treated with respect and provided with honest, competent service. Your satisfaction is a measure of  our service and nothing less than the best is expected.

Our pricing system, promotions, discounted offers and our package deals on maintenance are all aimed at improving the experience for you, our customer. By offering affordable prices, our customers can have the peace of mind that they are getting the service excellence that we are known for but they aren’t breaking the bank in order to do it.

New installations are a huge decisions and an even greater cost. It is imperative that you make an informed decision on whether to install or not and exactly what equipment is necessary. This is where our trained and competent staff step in to make your life a little easier, by making those decisions so much less complicated than they need to be.

Financing options for new installations allow you to easily take that step and decide to make that investment into your home. Easy, monthly repayments over 60 months. For all repairs, maintenance and other services we offer credit card facilities as we all know the dangers of carrying cash these days. Our customer’s safety matters.


Our range of services is vast and diverse and our staff are capable of completing each of them with ease and ensure that you, our customer, are satisfied with the heating and cooling services that we provide.

  • Air conditioning and heating repairs
  • Air conditioning and heating Installations
  • Air conditioning and heating maintenance
  • Services and tune-ups
  • Replacements of heating and cooling units and associated equipment.

Our capable and experienced  technicians efficiently complete installations with  little discomfort to our customers. Our customer satisfaction is of the greatest importance and we understand the need for our customers to feel comfortable and safe in our care at all times.   Installations are complex and involved but you can rest assured that our staff will complete all the planning, organizing and scheduling required to successfully fit your heating or cooling system.

Heating is a little more complex than cooling but that is not a factor when it comes to our service. Our staff have the technical skill to take on any heat source installation which you select for your system. Boiler, furnace or heat pump installation Tampa FL and surrounding areas are all in a day’s work, to coin a phrase.

Call John’s Air Conditioning and Heating Services today and be assured that your heating system will be fitted to perfection and you will feel the rewards. John’s Air Conditioning and Heating Services  (813)689-2722.