Information about Electronic Air Cleaners

Air cleaners do a great job keeping the air inside our homes clean and fresh; however, electronic air cleaners go a step further by electronically pulling out tiny particles that have been magnetized and then bringing them to a collector plate.

Electronic air cleaners produce an electric field, which creates an attraction between airborne particles and the cleaning media, which then permanently traps the particles. Electronic cleaners draw in tiny impurities like smoke, dust and smog particles, along with larger impurities such as cat dander and mold spores. In addition, you no longer have to replace filters. All you have to do is wash the air cleaner cells in your sink or dishwasher.

Most importantly, if anyone in your home has health issues that are related to air quality, then this air cleaner will do the job. This air cleaner is more effective because it can clean up more bad things in the air than other air filters. To ensure that your electronic cleaner works the best, be sure to clean the plates on a regular basis.

This is important because the air cleaner will not perform well when there is a buildup of dirt on the plates. When the plates are clean, you will have better results. When it comes down to it, this air cleaner will do an overall better job than other filters and that is important for the health of your family. Other benefits of electronic cleaners are how effective they remove heavy cooking odors, as well as medicinal odors. Air filters also preserve furnishings and reduce maintenance and housekeeping chores.

To conclude, air cleaners keep our homes free of pollutants, provide cleaner and fresher air and reduce maintenance and housekeeping chores. Find out how a whole house air cleaner can keep you and your family healthy and well!