Making the Money – Smart Approach to Repairs

Money Tree Made Of Hundred Dollar Bills

Nobody wants to spend extra money on home repairs when they don’t have to. But getting a needed repair done quickly is the best way to protect your investment in an air conditioner. With heating and cooling accounting for around 44% of home utilities, keeping your AC or HVAC system running as efficiently as possible is another way to keep costs down. But when you’re facing a large repair, sometimes it’s better to invest that money into a newer unit.John’s Air Conditioning & Heating has over 35 years experience helping families with AC repair service in Riverview, FL. We’ve put together a few ideas based on actual customer’s needs when it comes to making the decision about replacement and repair work. We build our business every day by maintaining past clients and giving new customers a refreshing service experience. In the long-term, our customers keep coming back because of the trust that’s part of our way of business. We hope these ideas are helpful for you.

Remove the Sticker Shock by Looking at the Numbers

One of the most helpful ways to make a financial decision is to take out the emotional knee-jerk reaction we have when it comes to putting a lot of money into an investment. It’s true that getting a new AC installed is going to cost more than a repair on an older system in most cases, but the payoff for a higher efficiency should make you think twice.

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The Usual Advice Isn’t Always the Best

Generally, most people say a repair more than $500 isn’t worth it, but everyone’s budget and long-term plans aren’t the same.

Getting into the Math

Newer models will have higher SEER ratings than an older unit. SEER stands for Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio. Ranging from 12-23, the higher the rating, the more an air conditioner will cost you up front. Here’s where you do the math. Find out how much you spend each year on air conditioning. Use the SEER ratings for your current unit and the one you’re looking at buying.

Find out the percentage difference between them and multiply it by your current annual spending. To do this, subtract the SEER rating difference between the two models and divide it by the old AC’s rating. This tells you how much you can expect to save in energy costs alone each year.

From here, you can divide the investment cost of the new AC to see how many years it will take you to start saving additional utility money on that investment.

Keep in mind you’re not just saving in utilities with a newer model because you’re also gaining peace of mind that you will have less repairs and leaks for a while to come when you have a newer model.

When you’re making a decision between repairs and replacement, John’s Air Conditioning & Heating is on your side. Don’t delay a needed repair, save money by taking care of AC repair service in Riverview, FL by calling 813-689-2722.