Save Your Home: How To Tell Your Ducts Are In Need Of Repair

Woman Relaxing Lying On A Couch At Home
Woman Relaxing Lying On A Couch At Home

Until you have to make that call to a reputable air duct repair service Tampa FL you will never understand how important ductwork is when it comes to providing comfort in your own home.

This is why it is so important to take care of your ducts throughout your home. This includes ensuring that the ducts are clean, well-insulated and in good condition.

If your home ducts are old and not well-kept they can cause various issues around the home some of which can even harm your health.

Don’t know how to diagnose if your ductwork needs some tender loving care all you have to do is read on! We have a few good tips that may help you.

Tips To Diagnosing If Your Ductwork Needs Repairs

Despite what many companies may have to say about it, diagnosing your ducts to figure out if they are in tip-top shape or if they are in need of some tender loving care is not that difficult.

Consider The Age

Yes, you guessed it the same rules apply for your ductwork that applies to your air conditioning unit. Like your HVAC unit ductwork has a limited lifespan.

This is generally around 10-15 years. However, if your ducts were poorly built or cheap
construction materials were used they may deteriorate an earlier stage in the game.

Investigate Exposed Areas

Throughout your home, there is ductwork that is fairly easy to reach – such as in the attic. Check these exposed pieces to evaluate if there are any holes or tears in the ductwork.

While doing this also look for signs of erosion or any other similar damage to the exposed ductwork.

Inspect Air Flow

If you own an air conditioning unit and are used to diagnosing if that unit is in need of repairs this will be an easy test for you to evaluate as it works the same way.

Go from room to room and inspect the air flow coming out of the air vents. If they are equal in strength than that bodes well for you and your budget.

What Happens If You Need Repairs

If you want to be completely confident that your ducts are perfectly healthy you can contact an air duct repair service Tampa FL to perform a duct blower test. This test measures how much air/pressure is lost between two points in your ductwork.

Not sure which companies are capable of doing this and satisfying your ductwork needs. Well we can give you a tip call us at 813-689-2722