Professional Heater Repair Services

John’s Air Conditioning and Heating Services have been lucky enough to be the preferred supplier of quality cooling and heating services in the Florida area since 1981. Our 35 years in the trade have allowed us to grow in experience and expertise and to embrace the community as family.

Why Choose Us

John’s Air Conditioning And Heating Services have 35 years in the trade. Our time here has allowed us to grow and develop and change to suit the needs of our customers. We have acquired a wealth of knowledge, skill and experience which only time on the job can produce. We have forged a reputation based on our service excellence and we strive to maintain that reputation. Our customers are key to our business and their satisfaction is not optional.

Our value for money approach is key to keeping our customers coming back and our service satisfaction guarantee, seals the deal.  Rewarding our customers through promotions, and discounts is our way of saying thank you to a community that has allowed us to serve them for so many years. Our maintenance packages ensure that caring for your system is easy and convenient and as easy on your pockets as possible.

Our credit card facilities and financing options make the decision to install your system as an investment a little easier and a whole lot more attainable.


Our services include a range of repairs, maintenance, tune ups and, installations and replacements.  We are qualified to work with all makes and models of air conditioning equipment and have the expertise and knowledge to take care of every facet of your heating system.

Your heating system is more intricate and involved than you may think and it really does require a keen eye, attention to detail, skill and technique to pinpoint the problem and have it rectified quickly and efficiently. Maintenance is something that is invaluable when considering caring for your heating system and prolonging the working life of service to you. Maintenance is often pushed to the bottom of the list of things that must be done, if the system in running without a hitch, there can’t be anything wrong, can there? Wrong, maintenance prevents anything from going wrong. Prevention is better than cure, as the saying goes.

Foregoing your regular maintenance on your heating system is asking for trouble. The damages that result from negligence can be far more costly to repair than a regular maintenance.

Should you have been too carefree with your heater system maintenance, and it has resulted in damages that have caused the system to malfunction or simply stop working, we at John’s Air Conditioning and Heating Services will undertake to repair the damaged parts. This could be anything from undertaking boiler, furnace or heater repair, repairs to ducting or even repairs to a gas leak. Our staff will evaluate the damages extensively and will offer you advice on the best route to follow to get your system back on track.

Call John’s Air Conditioning and Heating Services today for worry free service and workmanship that will leave you satisfied.  John’s Air Conditioning and Heating Services  (813)689-2722.