Where to Get Quality Air Duct Cleaning Service

In a central air conditioning and heating system, one of the most important parts of the system is the air ducts. The ductwork is tasked with transporting air from the room to the heating/cooling system and back. Air is normally forced through the duct so it moves at high velocity. There are three important requirements that every air duct system must meet. They include:

i) Insulation

Air ducts carry heated and cooled air, depending on the season, so they need to be properly insulated to prevent energy loss across the walls of the air ducts. Poor insulation means heated air will lose heat energy to the surroundings while cooled air will gain heat energy from the surroundings, thereby reducing the efficiency and performance of the system.

ii) Sealing

Air ducts should only have one type of opening, the air vents in the ceiling or walls inside the building. If the air ducts have a gap in between joints, or corrosion has led to development of large openings in the air duct, heated or cooled air will be lost to the surroundings. In some cases, airborne contaminants may also be sucked into the system, thereby contaminating filtered air. While duct tape may be used to seal some of these gaps, a professional should be hired to properly seal the ductwork.

iii) Cleanliness

Air ducts handle both unfiltered and filtered air. This means they often get dirty with time as dust and other airborne impurities settle inside the air ducts. As a result, air may get contaminated after passing through the air filtration system, and this may reduce indoor air quality significantly. For this reason, property owners should seek air duct cleaning services on a regular basis to ensure their air supply system is free of impurities.

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