Why A Heat Pump May Be A Great Addition To Your Home

Businessman pointing to energy efficiency rating chart and house icon concept for performance, efficiency and environmental conservation
Businessman pointing to energy efficiency rating chart and house icon concept for performance, efficiency and environmental conservation

A heat pump installation New Tampa FL could be the thing your home needs if you’ve been using too much gas to keep it warm. Here that’s not a problem of course! So why would you consider getting a heat pump installed? Why get rid of your old system? Keep reading because we’re going to tell you why.

You need to cool your home. So you’re probably not sure why you should get something to heat your home more efficiently. The truth is that heat pumps work great for cooling your home as well. They’re very efficient at pushing hot air out of your home. By doing this, heat pumps take the strain off your cooling system to maintain warmth.

Doesn’t that sound awesome? If you’re starting to like this idea, then keep reading about the other benefits of getting a heat pump installation New Tampa FL. 

Heat Pumps Are Great If You Want To Cut Installation Costs

One of the best reasons to get a heat pump is that it costs so much less than a new furnace. Furnaces are bulky and need lots of energy to heat your home. Here in Florida, a furnace is often not necessary! What you really need is a system that provides a moderate amount of heat. The system should also do that as efficiently as possible.

A heat pump also won’t need as much maintenance as a furnace or a central AC. However, it is best to use one of these alongside your AC unit of course. It doesn’t create heat and just move it around, your home will get an added boost when you need to cool it down.

It’s Better For The Environment & Your Energy Bill

Less money spent on energy means less bad stuff affecting the nature surrounding you. Sound good? Most of the energy savings come in the wintertime though. This is because you’ll be using the heat pump to heat your home! Remember, heat pumps only help take away heat in the summer.

Your current heating system may use gas or oil. Leaks from a furnace or other system can be harmful to the environment. They’re also expensive to fix. With a great contractor, a heat pump installation New Tampa FL can be built to withstand whatever the heat may bring.

Still Not Sure? Contact Us To Find Out If Your Home Needs It!

We understand these can sound like big claims. Protect the environment and save money? Maybe it’s just a bunch of nonsense! If you’re having trouble believing what we just told you, then give us a call at 813-689-2722. Are you too busy for this? No problem, visit our Contact Us page for alternative communication methods.

We’ve estimated that our customers have saved up to 30% off their energy costs in the winter because they installed a heat pump. We’ve also been working in this area for a very long time. Many people who are friends of yours have come to trust us. You will too after you hire us to do your job!